Boxing At The Decorium

Poster and leaflet design for a Charity boxing Event in collaboration with The Betting Room.

Charity Boxing At Scala

A1 poster design for a Gymbox client; a Charity boxing event at Scala.

Clothing Logo Design

A logo design I was asked to create for a new Cricket clothing brand.

Digital Magazine - Olympics Special

For me the most exciting and anticipated of all our digital magazines. We had some great interviews during a year that was endorsed in sports due to the Olympics.


A biannual release of our digital magazine launched in 2012 as a physical form, available in most outlets. This was a big and somewhat frightening step for us that pulled off!

Digital Magazine

One venture for ActivInstinct is working on a Digital Magazine. As Head Creative I was ecstatic when it was shortlisted for Digital Magazine Awards against some big publishing Houses.

All Out Cricket

Women's Running

One very interesting part of my job, is creating material directed for different audiences. Therefore research and knowledge of the demographic before design is essential.

Men's Running

Runner's World

A collection of branded adverts in Runner's World. I'm still not over the novelty of going into my local shop and getting excited over seeing my advert in a magazine.

Health & Fitness

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness is my favourite publication, the brands can be so diverse with initial creative and direction. Also find it fascinating growing with a brand less established in the print market, you see a growth and essentially are developing with them.

Country Walking

Rugby World

Tennis Leaflet - Supplement

From time to time I am asked to create leaflets as supplements or to be given out at events etc. I find the structure and premise completely different to that of an advert. Less is better in this circumstance.

Tennis Head